1. No viable candidate is found internally. The job opportunity is posted on Monster or CareerBuilder.

  2. She has to respond to phone calls even though she requested that all resumes be sent via e-mail.

  3. She waits a couple of weeks for the resume cycle to run its course.

  4. She sifts/sorts through stacks of non-qualified candidates to get to the top 20.

  5. She is so busy at work that she has to make overflow calls from home to conduct initial phone screenings.

  6. She now has a top 10 list that must be run by the hiring manager.

  7. She sets up in-person interviews with seven candidates.

  8. She interviews the candidates during the next week.

  9. She narrows the field to five candidates.

  10. She arranges in-person interviews with the hiring manager for the top five candidates.

  11. The hiring manager interviews the top five during the next week and narrows the list to three candidates.

  12. The hiring manager asks her to obtain supervisory references and conduct criminal background checks on the top three candidates.

  13. Referencing ferrets out negative details on one candidate.

  14. A criminal background check uncovers felony and misdemeanor convictions on the second candidate.

  15. The final candidate turns down the offer because the process took too long and they've already accepted another offer.

  16. She has to start all over!

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