1. He calls four recruiting firms, has four discussions regarding the opening, sends e-mails with job descriptions to four different firms and then replies to e-mails asking for additional information and clarifications regarding the opening.

  2. It has now been two weeks and three of the four recruiters have not sent him any resumes. Why? Because they put this search on the back burner; they know he works with multiple recruiters and they have other opportunities where they are the exclusive recruiter (and these warrant more attention).

  3. He only receives a handful of resumes that meet all the criteria.

  4. He comes up with a "Top Seven" list that he runs by the hiring manager.

  5. He schedules in-person interviews through the recruiting firms but has trouble getting some of the the candidates scheduled. This step requires multiple e-mails and phone calls to finally get interviews arranged.

  6. He interviews the seven candidates over the next week.

  7. He narrows this down to the top five candidates.

  8. He arranges in-person interviews through the recruiting firms with the hiring manager for the top five candidates. Once again, scheduling is difficult and time consuming.

  9. The hiring manager interviews the top five during the next week.

  10. He follows up with recruiters inquiring about criminal background checks on the candidates. He gets information indicating that two of the candidates have prior convictions which eliminate them.

  11. He makes his selection from the remaining three, but the candidate turns down the offer! The candidate was told by the recruiter that their minimum salary requirement of $70,000 would be met even though the HR Manager made it clear this position would pay $5,000 less.

  12. He must hire his second choice or start the search again.

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